While we do have a corner grocery store with a limited supply of grocery store items, and there are a number of restaurants along the beach open during daylight hours, neither of these options are suitable for all of the meals that would be needed over a week's time.  For this reason, the Meals Package was created. This package is optional, but it represents a terrific bargain in terms of price, quality and convenience.

Nayarit is a state of bountiful produce, and every street corner has a market selling fresh fruits and vegetables, both grown locally and brought from other parts of Mexico. The days of beans and tortillas as the mainstay of our diets is long past, and our cooks are plentifully supplied with the freshest of produce, dairy products and meats. And, of course, there is the sea where fish, shrimp, and oysters are caught daily.

Our cook is very flexible both in catering to individual tastes and honoring special dietary requirements. Fresh juices and "aguas", or sweetened wild fruit extractions, are always on hand. We have our own brand of coffee, roasted and ground in Jalcocoltan, in the midst of a prime coffee producing area.

Our cook/housekeeper arrives at 8:00 a.m., and will prepare the breakfast of your choice, together with a fruit platter, coffee and juice. The main meal of the day is taken between 1-2pm, called "Comida", and is usually followed by a quiet siesta. A light supper can usually be scrounged from leftovers, or the well stocked larder. The cook leaves at 4:30.

The Meals Package includes all the food and produce, drinks, and snacks that you can reasonably consume. The menus have been designed over time, and are plentiful, healthy, delicious and varied. In addition, you get a maid to cook, serve, and cleanup. No fuss, no trouble, no shopping, no cooking. This is what you call a vacation in paradise.

These menus are designed around the freshest and finest produce. This is real Mexican food at its best. A variety of different Salads are offered - the local produce is wonderful. Please do not be afraid to ask what things are, to talk to the cooks, practice your Spanish, or ask our property manager if you if you have special needs or concerns. Our cook is trained in the highest standards of cleanliness, and we pride ourselves on providing service of the best quality.

If you plan a fishing trip, just advise the manager, and the cook will have breakfast ready when you return, and prepare your catch for dinner. We have never sent out a party that has not brought back enough fish.

Sunday is the cook's day off, and everyone is on their own for breakfast, for Sunday dinner we recommend that guests head for Playa Platanitos, the local fishing village 10 minutes away, for an awesome meal of shrimp and fish.  For more conventional restaurant food (including wood-fired pizza on Saturday night) we recommend an evening @ "La Casa Manana", an oceanside hotel & restaurant 20 minutes north,

¡Buen provecho!