If you want to get closer to the ocean, our own steps make it easy (well, as easy as steps up a steep cliff can be).


If you want to get closer to the ocean, our own steps make it easy (well, as easy as steps up a steep cliff can be).

a vacation for the adventurous spirit.

As you leave Puerto Vallarta headed north, you leave behind a tourist mecca full of trinket shops and international fast food joints.  While these are delightful in their own way, before the high rise condos can disappear from your rear view mirror, it becomes obvious that the two hour drive to Playa Platanitos is going to be filled with a totally different set of sights and sounds. Sights and sounds that will carry you to what we feel is a more authentic Mexico.  As you turn west at Las Varas and head to the Pacific coast, you will drive on cobblestone roads past humble homes, outdoor restaurants and small fruit stands as you drive around tractors heading out to harvest.  Suddenly, the smell of the ocean alerts you that you are getting close to your destination... and just as suddenly the ocean bursts into view.  As you pass the entrance to the playa, you will see our neighborhood corner store, and just past that you will more than likely see Juan opening fresh oysters under a hut made of palm fronds.  Turning left on the gravel road (which is almost white from the discarded oyster shells) you will stop at a nondescript door.  A door that provides entrance to spectacular vacation, in a place that has been forgotten by time and progress.  A place of relaxation and non conventional activities reserved for those with an adventurous spirit.

Casa Soledad is staffed by a local family; Alicia, Bernabe, and their daughters.

Our housekeeper, Alicia, is known for her infectious laugh, great cooking and helpful nature. She takes care of our guests like her own.

Her husband, Bernabe, maintains the pool, gardens & the villa. He can arrange anything from a trip up the estuary to preparing a coconut or two for your pina colada.

Over the past five years they have become our extended family.
They are reliable, honest, and warm-hearted; always taking care of Casa Soledad in our absence.

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